We are living up to the spookier connotations of our Black Rave persona with a special blog post on gift giving with a Halloween bent! If the supernatural and unexplained are more super interesting than super scary to a good friend or family member there are lots of exciting gift options for them to explore the other realms.

There are many books and classes about learning how to read the Tarot cards which can be a wonderful introduction to the supernatural realm for a newbie, gift them their first set of card to help them get started right away. Alternatively get them the real deal with a gift certificate for a fortune telling session or and experience with a Medium that you trust.


The science of ghost hunting has been gaining in popularity and it can seem like the equipment required to catch the presence of spirts can be way out of reach for the amateur spirit sleuth. However, there are a number of items that can be very helpful in tracking down soul who won’t rest without breaking the bank. Items like a wristwatch, notepads, torches and a good supply of batteries may not seem like much but they are all vital pieces of kit for a wannabe ghost hunter. On the more technical side, digital voice recorders often pick up voices, messages, and more that the human ear may miss.  Prices for a decent recorder start at around the £15 mark.

If they already have their own gear and you are looking for a gift they won’t soon forget set them up with an overnight stay in a known haunted location. Thanks, in part, to Britain’s long and  bloody history there is no shortage of old buildings whose previous inhabitants still roam the corridors, below are just a handful of places to consider:

  • Langham Hotel, London
  • The Savoy, London
  • The Mermaid Inn Rye
  • Castle Stuart, Inverness
  • Airth Castle, Falkirk
  • Elvey Farm, Kent
  • Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

Happy hunting and while we hope they have a good time, the only bumps in the night we want to hear are wrapping paper rolls falling over!

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