Barring any winter wonderland themed weddings, we are pretty much through with the wedding season and before the invitations for next year start piling in let’s take a look at options for getting future new couple’s marriage off to a great start while cementing your position as number one wedding guest.

Our first tip is to find out if they have a registry. Yes, yes, we know that some people are anti-registry but the fact of the matter is it is your best guide to getting something the new couple actually wants and need because, well, they chose to put it on the list. If they don’t have a registry don’t worry, a contribution to their honeymoon fund will always be sure to be appreciated.

Couples who have been living together prior to being married probably already have a lot of the items that would be considered traditional wedding gifts. If you are looking for a wedding gift on a budget this can work in your favour; looking for accessories for existing appliances or replacement parts for a much-loved piece of equipment can be a cost-effective but incredibly useful gift. Look for ways to upgrade things they already have, for example, a glass mixing bowl for a kitchen aid mixer is something they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves but will make them feel like a million bucks.

Gifts don’t need to be only things that you can wrap up and put in a box, if you are struggling to find the right gift take a look at any professional level skills or services you could offer. Many newlyweds would be over the moon at the thought of an expert landscaper casting an eye over their unruly garden. Similarly, painting is a task that no new homeowner, especially newly married ones, looks forward to if you have those skills and are willing to share them you will get put right to the top of the Christmas card list.

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