When it comes to finding just the right gift for the special lady in your life the pressure to get them something that shows you care can be overwhelming and often leaves you tearing your hair out as you try to compete with the perfect boyfriends/husbands/partners of Instagram. It doesn’t need to be that way. You know your lady, and even if you don’t realise it right this moment there are plenty of things out there that will make her smile.

Making her smile is what it’s all about when we get right down to it so thats a great place to start with your gift sleuthing. Ask yourself where, and what, is she doing when she smiles the most? Traipsing through the crowds in shops can easily add to your anxiety about gift giving, if the same is true for you consider online shopping, we found lots of inspiration from Groupon.

If your lady is happiest when she is cozy in the house look for a gift that will add to the nest; luxurious sheepskin slippers, or if she is gearing up to be on the next season of British Bake Off, for instance, be on the look out for kitchen gadgets that will make her life easier or bring a touch of whimsy to proceedings. Unicorn measuring jugs, a personalised rolling pin or a flour sifter that doesn’t spray the entire kitchen with a fine dusting of the stuff. If you really want to push out the boat there is always the holy grail of kitchen goods- a Kitchen aid stand up mixer!

If adventuring is more her style take a close look at her hobbies and interests, is there a piece of equipment she needs or an accessory that will make her endeavours more comfortable. Do you remember the rush of excitement of getting a bike as a present? Whether you are 4 or 34 nothing quite beats the rush of seeing a bike sitting in your living room (add a box for extra brownie points).

On the topic of bows, once you have found the right present for her consider how you are going to wrap it up. Wrapping paper and the aforementioned bows are obviously one way to go but they are by no means the only option. Why not turn the presentation of the gift into is own special moment with a scavenger hunt for clues that she has to follow to find the ultimate gift. The scavenger hunt idea is a great way to give a nod to other interests that your special lady may have. The hunt could be in the confines of your own home or you could take it out into the world by referencing places that hold special meaning for you both. If masterminding your way through clues and locations does not appeal to you AND you are concerned about your gift wrapping skills, have her watch this video before she sees the gift pile… Hopefully you will be able to do a better job than  Ralph the T-Rex here!

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